Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my own music selections?
    • Although we would love to add your most treasured music to your slideshow, copyright laws make it extremely expensive to do this for you.  To keep our costs reasonable, please allow us to select music appropriate to the occasion you are celebrating.
    • We do understand that you may have certain music selections that hold special meaning, and that you might prefer to use these in your slideshow.  To use your music selections, you will need to secure both a copyright license (see BMI, Inc. , ASCAP or SESAC) as well as a synchronization license, which must be acquired from the publisher of each piece you wish to use.  These will need to be secured before the songs can be used.  Penalties for violating copyright laws reach up to $150,000 for each piece or portion of a piece used without proper licensing.
  • Can I use video in my slideshow?
    • Absolutely!  Video clips can be used, but are recommended to be shorter versions in an effort to keep the interest of your audience.  You can choose to keep the sound from your video intact, or have the sound removed and continue with your slideshow music while the clip plays.
  • What media format is used for my slideshow?
    • Base package pricing includes one DVD, which can be played on a regular DVD or Blu-Ray player.  Additional DVDs can be purchased to share with friends and family.

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